The information provided outlines the guidelines and requirements for joining and participating in the Mazda Car Club of Australia (The MCCA) in Victoria and taking advantage of the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme for classic vehicles. Here's a summary of the key points:

1. Eligibility:

  • To apply for a club permit through The MCCA, you must be a current financial member of the club.
  • Your vehicle must be over 25 years old, regardless of whether it's a Mazda or not.

2. Application Requirements:

3. Membership Requirement:

  • You should be a current member of The MCCA for at least 3 months before applying for a club permit. However, this requirement may be waived under certain circumstances, such as referral by a current member or special considerations.

4. Club Registration Renewals:

  • Renewals require a $50 fee per car, which can be waived if you have attended 3 club events during the year.
  • At club events, you can either have your logbook signed and initialled by a committee member or have your attendance noted by a committee member.
  • You'll need to sign a Renewal Club Registration form for renewals.

5. General Club Permit Rules:

  • Club permit holders must ensure their vehicles are only used for private, non-commercial purposes.
  • Familiarize themselves with their specific club's requirements for permit holders.
  • Comply with logbook requirements.
  • Maintain their vehicles in a safe condition for highway use.
  • Present their vehicle for periodic safety checks as prescribed by the club.
  • Maintain continuous financial membership with the club while holding a club permit.
  • Carry the logbook and permit in the vehicle at all times during use.
  • Display the issued number plate(s) and windscreen label as required by VicRoads.

6. Interstate Use:

  • Club permit vehicles may be driven throughout all Australian States and Territories (except Western Australia) if they comply with Victorian club permit requirements.
  • Note that Victorian club permit vehicles cannot be used on Western Australian roads and require a separate permit if participating in outings there.

This information provides a comprehensive guide for individuals interested in joining The MCCA and utilising the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme to keep their classic vehicles on the road. It's essential to follow the outlined procedures and guidelines to ensure compliance and enjoy the benefits of club permits for classic cars and motorcycles.