Who We Are

The Mazda Car Club of Australia (The MCCA) has a rich history dating back to its inception in May 1968 when a group of passionate and forward-thinking Mazda owners came together to celebrate their shared love for the then-new and stylish Mazda 1500 cars. Over the years, The MCCA has grown and evolved while staying true to its original objectives, which remain relevant today.

Founding Objectives:

  • Shared Interests: The club was established to provide a platform for Mazda enthusiasts to connect, share, and enjoy their mutual interest in Mazda cars.
  • Organizing Events: The MCCA aimed to organize a variety of events, including social gatherings, sports activities, and technically informative sessions, for the benefit and enjoyment of its members.

Continued Relevance:

  • Enthusiasm and Dedication: The club's continued success owes much to the enthusiasm and dedication of its founding members and subsequent generations of enthusiasts who have joined over the years.
  • Diverse Activities: The MCCA has maintained a vibrant and diverse range of activities, including social events, discussions on motoring topics, driver and road safety education, and participation in club-level motorsport events.
  • Inclusivity: While originally established by Mazda owners and drivers, the club extends a warm welcome to non-Mazda owners and drivers who share a passion for cars and driving.

Club Activities:

  • Monthly Meetings: The MCCA holds regular meetings, providing members with opportunities to connect and discuss their shared interests.
  • Social Nights: The club hosts social gatherings to foster camaraderie among members.
  • Drive-Day Tours and Picnics: Members can enjoy scenic drives and picnics, combining their love for cars with outdoor leisure.
  • Motorsport Events: The club offers various motorsport activities suitable for both beginners and experienced drivers, such as closed-circuit racetrack timed events, motorkhana, maneuverability trials, and economy runs.
  • Technical Visits: Members have the chance to explore specialized workshops and gain insights into automotive technology.

The MCCA continues to be a vibrant and inclusive community where car enthusiasts come together to share their passion for driving and their love for Mazda and other vehicles. If you're someone who appreciates cars, enjoys good company, and seeks to have a great time with like-minded individuals, The MCCA might be the perfect fit for you. Whether you own a Mazda or not, you can join the club and participate in its diverse range of activities, making new friends and creating lasting memories along the way.



The Committee


  • President - Stephen Dunsmore

                 Stephen D


  • Vice President - John Robinson

                 John R


  • Secretary - Zoran Ivanovic


  • Treasurer - Andrew Cutter (FCPA)

                  Andrew C


  • Scrutineer - Zoran Stojanovski

                  Zoran S


  • Events - Phil Zimmerman

                  Phil Z 


  • Membership - Zoran Stojanovski
  • Art / Design - Karina Cobden
  • Media - Jonathan French
  • Marketing & Promotions - Stephen Dunsmore & Zoran Stojanovski